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Biodiversity Dashboard

Biodiversity Dashboard

4 week long project
Interaction Design Studio | Spring 2017

Shaun Burley, Pei Lin

Dashboard design, data visualization, information architecture, motion design

Led problem framing, ideation + iteration sessions, and visual design 

Design Brief

How can we compel policymakers to action? For this project, our team was challenged to present the research of biodiversity research scientists in Central America in a way that could be used by policy makers. Through our research, we found that the link between the regional issue of drug trafficking and affect on biodiversity has yet to be widely acknowledged. We approached the design of the dashboard as a way to make this connection explicit so that funding for reducing drug trafficking can be made to the International Biodiversity Fund. 


Finding a narrative

Initial research on the issues in Central America led us to find this connection between drug trafficking and deforestation. We explored the cause and effect narrative format to communicate both the sources of the problem and the negative consequences. 


We structured our design sprint to maximize early exploration of different ways to visualize the data and communicate our narrative. The large volume of sketches we created demonstrated the value of prototyping in parallel rather than in series. Some of the early ideas we explored made their way back into later sketches or inspired other ways to communicate our ideas.

High Fidelity Iterations

As we moved into high fidelity iterations, we focused on expressing a cohesive narrative through layout and color. One of the challenges we faced was using a meaningful color palette, especially when there are meanings associated with color. 

iterations mid fi.png

Final Design and Pitch